Zone Type Fiber Intrusion Detection System

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Zone Type Fiber Intrusion Detection System

Fiber Optic Intrusion Detection System

Designed specifically for government, industrial and commercial applications the fiber optic intrusion detection system is a single zone fiber-optic perimeter security sensor. Offering incomparable high performance intrusion detection and nuisance alarm discrimination, combined with versatile perimeter detection alternatives, the fiber optic intrusion detection system is built for the highest level of accuracy.


 Optical fiber length is up to 1000m.

● Uses normal optical fiber cable (GYXTW).

● Fiber optics can be installed on wire net or underground.

● Supports 32 contact closure alarm outputs, the contact closure output can be extended and contact closure input can be also supported by choosing auxiliary card (declared before order).

● Supports video linkage supervision

● Detect behaviors of climbing, cutting, and sabotage.

● Alarm responding time is less than 3 seconds

● Supports external 2G/3G/4G wireless module for remote alarm

● Easy for installation and debugging, and supports remote parameter adjustment

● Supports intrusion data replayed

● Supports parameters adjustment to filter nuisance alarm and missing reports

● Automatic adapted to the wind, rain and other changes in the external environment

● ESD and surge protection circuits inside, which is immune to electromagnetic interference, lightning damage

● Adopts 220V AC/50Hz power supply with power consumption of less than 48W

● Ambient working temperature: -40℃ ~ +70℃.

● Supply software RFVIEW-W that offers graphical interface for optical fiber fence daily operation.

● The passive terminals adopt ABS engineering-plastics enclosure that is designed to be waterproof, resistant to pressure, corrosion, and weather extremes.

Detection Principle

Perimeter intrusion detection systems are systems used in external environments to detect the presence of intruders attempting to breach the perimeter. With one of the longest fiber optic surveillance capabilities on the market, the fiber optic intrusion detection system provides 100% perimeter coverage for remote applications with no gaps between sensors. The fiber optic cable is the sensor.
The fiber optic intrusion detection system uses a typical single-mode fiber optic cable as a powerful vibration sensor. Fiber optic cables become extremely sensitive to pressure, acoustics and motion and are capable of detecting small vibrations transmitted through fences, soil or surfaces. fiber optic intrusion detection system monitors vibration signals along the length of the fiber optic cable and can locate intrusion events and classify specific features based on detection algorithms.
Deploying a fiber optic intrusion detection system is ideal for detecting and locating perimeter intrusions over distances of up to 40 km (24.85 mi) per processor by Pinpoints intrusions with a +/-1 m (3.25 ft) accuracy.


Fibre optic cables can be attached to any type of fence to detect and pinpoint the location of disturbances including cutting, climbing and lifting. Utilising advanced signal processing, nuisance alarms can be minimised without compromising intrusion detection sensitivity.


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