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SDI Distribution Amplifier


A Serial Digital Interface (SDI) Distribution Amplifier is a device used in professional video and broadcasting setups to distribute a single SDI video signal to multiple destinations. SDI is a digital video interface commonly used in the industry for transmitting uncompressed video and audio signals over coaxial cables or fiber optic connections. It is known for its high-quality signal transmission and is used in various video production and broadcasting applications.


Comply with SMPTE-424M, SMPTE-292M and SMPTE-259M standard, supports 2.97Gb/s, 1.485Gb/s and 270Mb/s
1080P@60,50,30,25,24,1080I@60,50 and 720P@60,50,30,25,24, SD 525i and SD 625i
Desktop equipment supports up to 2 units for video distribution
Rack mounting chassis supports up to 32 units for video distribution
Each unit features 1 input and 2 outputs without loss of signal
Integrated cable equalizer, reclocker and cable driver
Embedded ESD and surge protection circuit to prevent damage from static and thunder

How an SDI Distribution Amplifier works

Input: The distribution amplifier takes a single SDI video signal as its input. This input can be in various SDI formats, including SD-SDI (Standard Definition), HD-SDI (High Definition), 3G-SDI, 6G-SDI, or 12G-SDI, depending on the specific requirements of the setup.

Distribution: The primary function of the distribution amplifier is to split the incoming SDI signal into multiple identical copies, typically without any signal degradation. These copies are then sent to multiple outputs.

Outputs: The distribution amplifier has multiple SDI output ports (commonly two, four, eight, or more), and each output carries the same signal as the input. The number of outputs depends on the specific model and requirements of the application.

Signal Regeneration (optional): In some cases, SDI distribution amplifiers also include signal regeneration capabilities. This means that they can clean up and recondition the SDI signal before distributing it to the outputs, ensuring that the signal quality remains high, especially over long cable runs.

SDI Distribution Amplifiers are essential in situations where a single video source needs to be sent to multiple destinations, such as:

Broadcasting studios: To distribute a camera feed to multiple monitors or recording devices.
Live events: To send video signals to various display screens or projectors throughout a venue.
Post-production facilities: For monitoring video on multiple screens or sending video to different editing stations.
Surveillance systems: To distribute video feeds from security cameras to multiple viewing stations.

SDI Distribution Amplifier

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