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RF900 Dual-zone GPRS intrusion detection system

The device has only one defense area and is available without external communication network.

Product Description

Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

The RF900 is a Dual-zone perimeter intrusion detection system designed to detect intrusions into the perimeters and borders on the basis of the principle of M-Z laser interference. It adopts optical fiber vibration sensing technology, to detect and notify any intrusion attempt such as climbing, cutting sabotage the fence or disassembles the system.The device has only one defense area and is available without external communication network. The project construction is convenient, no network transmission cable is required, the equipment can be managed and monitored remotely, with built-in battery. When the equipment is powered off, it can indicate the power off alarm, and ensure the normal operation of the equipment to achieve 24-hour uninterrupted protection. Furthermore, it has strong anti-disturb ability to eliminate environment nuisance alarms and can be immune to electromagnetic interference, lightning and storms.

The RF900 perimeter intrusion detection system provides both indoor and outdoor deployment, supports 1-2 defense zones; it is suitable for villas, residential, oil depots and other short-distance or less complex perimeter protection.

Table 1 Product Lists

Part No.




RF900 Fiber Optic Perimeter Defense Host

contact closure output, 4 optical port outputs, suitable for indoor and outdoor application


RF900 Fiber Optic Perimeter Defense Host

contact closure output, single optical port output, suitable for indoor application only


Model for oil well application

supports rapid fiber cutting detection


Single-zone Optic Perimeter Defense Host

supports rapid fiber cutting detection


Zone Terminator

Passive component


Zone Terminator

Passive component


  • Zone length is up to 500m.
  • One zone and two zones are optional.
  • Optical fiber length is up to 1000m.
  • Use normal optical fiber cable for telecommunications (GYXTW).
  • Fiber optics can be installed on wire net or underground.
  • Support contact closure alarm output.
  • Detect behaviors of climbing, cutting, sabotage and disassembling.
  • Support rapid fiber cutting detection (less than 1 second).
  • Be immune to electromagnetic interference, lightning damage.
  • ESD and surge protection circuits inside.
  • Ambient working temperature: -40℃ ~ +70℃.
  • Adopt ABS engineering plastics.
  • DC12V power supply with consumption less than 3W.


RF900 Dual-zone GPRS intrusion detection system

How Do Fence Sensors Work?

The sensor cable is designed to pick up vibrations of the fence it's mounted on. The algorithm of detection is designed to detect only sharp frequency vibrations associated with intrusion attempts while filtering the low frequency vibrations from the weather are ignored resulting in discrimination between real intrusions attempts and environmental noise.

What are DAS Fiber Optic Fence Sensor Cables?

A DAS sensor is an advanced variant of an Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) that monitors the coherent Rayleigh backscatter noise signature in a fiber optic cable as pulsed light is sent into the fiber. The coherent Rayleigh noise generates a fine structure in the backscatter signature of the fiber cable. The DAS focuses on the Raleigh component to increase its prominence in the backscatter trace. Very small physical (acoustic or vibration) disturbances events at a point in the fiber can make detectable changes in the interferometric signal.

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