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8-Ch HD/SD-SDI Optical Transceiver (RV681P)

The RV681P is a high performance, and reliable, 8-channel HD-SDI optical transceiver, which perform real-time, loss-free and high-quality SDI transmission (two embedded audio channels for each SDI) and one bi-directional RS485 data over an optical line. Besides, RV681P provides one 10M/100M Ethernet interface and optional audio/contact closure/RS422/RS232 data transmission.

Product Description

SDI Optical Transceive

The SDI Optical Transceive is an advanced 8-channel HD-SDI optical transceiver renowned for its high performance and reliability. It excels in real-time, loss-free, and high-quality SDI transmission, supporting two embedded audio channels for each SDI channel. Additionally, it facilitates bi-directional RS485 data transmission over an optical line. The RV681P model also features a 10M/100M Ethernet interface and offers optional functionalities for audio, contact closure, RS422, and RS232 data transmission. This versatile solution finds applications in TV live broadcast, high-definition video conferences, video monitoring, intelligent transportation systems, and public security systems.

The SDI Optical Transceive is available in two configurations: desktop equipment and rack-mounted chassis. The desktop equipment comprises a transmitter (RV681PT) and a receiver (RV681PR). On the other hand, the rack-mounted chassis serves as a centralized HD-SDI receiver and employs the RV600C chassis, boasting a 19-inch width and 4U height. It accommodates 16 hot-pluggable HD-SDI optical receive cards (RV681PRK) and one management card. The system supports CLI command and SNMP_V1&V2 protocols, enabling seamless and comprehensive management functions.

8-Ch HD/SD-SDI Optical Transceiver (RV681P)


Compliant with SMPTE-292M HD-SDI and SMPTE-259M SD-SDI standards, the system supports data rates of 1.485Gb/s and 270Mb/s.
Features 8 HD/SD-SDI inputs (BNC connectors).
Offers 8 HD/SD-SDI outputs (BNC connectors).

Key Specifications:

Two audio channels are embedded in each SDI signal.
Provides a 10M/100M Ethernet interface.
Supports various video formats, including 1080P@30,25,24, 29.97, 23.98, 1080I@60,50,59.94, 720P@60,50,30,25,24, 9.94, 29.97, 23.98, and 625i, 525i.
Output adjustments for specific input formats (e.g., 1080P@29.97, 23.98, 1080I@59.94, 720P@59.94, 29.97, 23.98).
Integrated cable equalizer for enhanced signal quality.
Embedded ESD and surge protection circuit to prevent damage from static and thunder.
Features NOP (No Optical Signal) alarm indications, output status indicator, and input lock indicator.
Equipped with an Automatic Power Control (APC) circuit to maintain stable optical power.
Provides a bi-directional RS485 channel with half-duplex communication and a baud rate of up to 115.2Kb/s.
Includes an auxiliary channel supporting various configurations such as 2-channel bi-directional audio, 2/4/6/8-channel unidirectional audio, 2-channel contact closure input/output, or 1-channel bi-directional RS422, or 1-channel bi-directional RS232.
RV600C offers one RS232 management interface (CONSOLE) for Command Line Interface (CLI) management.
RV600C provides one common Ethernet management interface (EMU) and one cascade management interface (EMU-EX), supporting SNMP_V1 and SNMP_V2 protocols.

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