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Vibration optical cable system is an important part of the current campus security system. It uses modern electronic technology equipment, through the use of advanced technology, to create a safe, good and orderly working environment for the campus. When the alarm system of vibration optical cable is installed, the detector in the area will be triggered when the thief or other personnel attempt to cross the fence, and the anti-theft alarm host in the security center will immediately give an alarm to remind the security personnel of their attention, so as to realize the ability of "civil air defense plus technical defense, safety net deployment" and rapid handling of emergencies.

The purpose of setting up a perimeter alarm system around the school is to establish a safe and reliable environment, prevent the entry of non staff outside the school, and prevent illegal reading of walls or windows. The perimeter warning system we designed for the school is to strengthen the management of the school perimeter, prevent illegal personnel from entering the campus through the window, make the security guard more easily know the incident area through the electronic map, and reduce the work difficulty of the school security.

Rf960 intrusion detection system (also known as vibration optical cable perimeter alarm system) is an optical fiber vibration intrusion detection product designed and developed based on the principle of laser interference. Its vibration sensing optical cable can be laid along the fence, enclosure (referred to as hanging network) or underground. When there is an intrusion or damage event, the system will immediately give an alarm. In addition, the product can resist the interference of natural factors such as wind and rain, and is not affected by electromagnetic, lightning, radio signals, etc., with high reliability and easy maintenance.


Solutions of School


System topology

Rf960 intrusion detection system consists of rf960 intrusion detection host, defense area divider, sensing optical cable, guiding optical cable, PC and system management software. Users can choose 4-16 defense zones, and the maximum cable length supported by each defense zone can reach 1km.


Solutions of School

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