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Solutions of Oil Refinery

According to the customer's description, a set of protective device needs to be installed around the system. The system is required to be able to prevent the illegal invasion of the outside world for 24 hours, providing a safe and harmonious environment. It is required that the detection unit laid on the medium can sense the intrusion signal immediately once any illegal person attempts to intrude. And timely transmit the intrusion signal to the alarm host in the machine room.


Solutions of Oil Refinery


1) the whole system can be set up at any position without sensing area to avoid the area without fortification on site. (gate, pavement, etc.)

2) it can realize the linkage with the back-end video.

3) the system can run independently from PC; in case of PC failure, the whole intrusion detection system can still send out alarm signal.

4) the system supports the application of loop protection. When a sensing optical cable in a defense area is broken, there is no impact on other defense areas on both sides of the broken cable, and intrusion alarms can still be detected in other defense areas.

The perimeter of the refinery is 2-meter-high fence with rolling net, and the perimeter of the fence is about 2000 meters. The length of the defense area is divided according to the actual situation of the site, and a total of 16 defense areas are set up. Each defense area is set as a hanging net protection mode, and the system defense area topology is shown in the following figure


Solutions of Oil Refinery


Equipment linkage management

When a perimeter protection system has more defense areas, or there are video monitoring devices (such as cameras, DVR / NVR) in the system, it is necessary to consider how to integrate the system and other types of perimeter protection systems into a whole.

In this case, you can connect the Ethernet interface of rf960 through LAN, establish the connection with PC, and install rfview management software on PC. Rfview collects the alarm events of each defense area, outputs them to the RS232 or RS485 interface of PC, and then uses the external serial port to the switch converter to convert the serial communication protocol to the switch value, and finally connects the switch value to DVR / NVR to realize the linkage with the camera. The linkage mentioned here can be to switch the relevant video picture of the intrusion event to a prominent position, or to drive PTZ immediately after the event, and the camera to the appropriate preset position to observe the event scene.


Solutions of Oil Refinery

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