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Solution of Prison and detention house 

Prison and detention house are places where criminals are detained and transformed. Safety is the primary guarantee. To ensure the safety of the society, as well as the safety and stability of the guards, with the wide application of optical fiber sensing technology in all walks of life, the system equipment developed based on optical fiber sensing technology has met the requirements of practical application of prison monitoring system, which can be effective To strengthen the management of prisoners, reduce the occurrence of accidents, and enhance safety measures.

 Our design solution is as following according to the details information of this detention house.

The detention center is divided into four defense zones, each zone is about 100 meters length. It is buried underground and laid along four sides.

The laying area is 2.25 m wide and 0.15-0.20 m deep.

Sensing optical cables are laid with an interval of 0.25 M.


Solution of Prison and detention house 


 optical cable laying drawing of the detention center


Solution of Prison and detention house 

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