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Raycom Co., Ltd


Raycom Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000 in Beijing China. At the initial stage of establishment, Raycom is mainly committed to the research and development of large-scale integrated circuits and communication system solutions for telecommunications. Since 2010, Raycom has increased R&D investment in security and image intelligent analysis. We insist on positive thinking and brave innovation, and have formed four competitive product lines including Large Integrated Circuit for Telecom, Communication and Security System Solution, Optical Fiber Intrusion Dectection System and Image Intelligent Analysis Software.

Raycom adheres to the road of independent innovation, technology for survival, innovation for development. By the end of 2019, our R&D team has successfully launched more than 50 large integrated circuits for communication, hundreds of communication equipment and dozens of security equipment, meanwhile obtained 22 national technology patents.

In addition, based on the market demand, Raycom has concentrated on developing a series of intelligent analysis software products that are practical, advanced in algorithm, simple to learn and easy to use, safe and efficient, including HD video intelligent patrol, bayonet image secondary analysis system, and 122 traffic dispatch and command system. The products have been widely used in the transportation system all over China and are well received by users.

Raycom closely follow the needs of customers, and make effort to create more value for customers with the leading technology. Since the establishment of the company, we have nearly 2000 partners in China and established cooperative relations with hundreds of enterprises in southeast Asia, west Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Europe.


With the rapid development of science and technology, Raycom will continue to keep the enterprise spirit of "Innovation, Harmony, God rewards the diligent, faithfulness is like a rock", continue to take the road of innovation and development to create more competitive products.


Raycom Co., Ltd

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